July 22, 2015

Bio: Sherry Lawler, owner of AlphaProofing

Sherry Lawler is a linguist freelancing as a professional writer and editor. As she was putting in her final year towards her Bachelor of Arts in Canada, she broke all the rules of universal education: embarking on her Masters of Arts in Linguistics, while studying in Marburg, Germany.

Learning Language Rules Just to Creatively Break Them

Sherry LawlerBreaking the rules – more aptly, stretching the rules within their boundaries – has become the catalyst for Sherry’s career.

Using the definitive rules of grammar and punctuation allows her to add elements of style, voice, and tone to the words she touches. Often times, she’ll borrow structures from French and German to add that touch of flair sometimes missing in the ruts of English structure.

Her passion for language started young. Recalling the noon news interviewing a linguist leading to her exclamation of intent. Sherry continues to study various components of language, components many would find ennui. From the intricacies of grammar and punctuation to the history behind the words we use, a plethora of books fills her shelves (along with 25 dictionaries).

AlphaProofing – A Creative Agency – is Born

After years in the business world, Sherry stepped out on her own – officially launching AlphaProofing in 2007. Embarking on this new endeavour brought new opportunities to build on her knowledge. She loves delivering projects that resonate with the receiving audience drives her from project-to-project.

She continues to work with university and college students improving their writing skills and raising their GPAs. Her ESL students – from first-year students to PhD candidates – have had great success from her mentoring sessions.

The Artist Within

In her spare time, Sherry can be found behind an easel painting words on canvas (perhaps a bit of an obsession!). She can also be found playing around with recipes as she adds a touch of healthy to her baking. Or reading a book while sauntering along a trail. Then, there are the foreign language dramas on Netflix — her latest addiction is Velvet (Spanish), if you’d like to be enthralled with something fresh.

When Sherry has Some Free Time …

With a love of good wine and travelling, Sherry is always up for an enticing conversation and exploring new places. Lovingly recalling her days as a competitive runner, she daydreams of the day she can proclaim being a runner once again …

Words Abound, Whether Writing Them or Editing Them

Until then, her knowledge and experience have her writing profiles, marketing content, and web content. To keep things fun, she also tackles articles on food, wine, & cocktails, real estate, and arthritis.

She is always open to breaking out-of-the-box with new challenges, be it a small or large project.

As an editor, she has an extensive background in both business editing and academic editing. Sherry has worked closely with ESL writers and students over the years, mentoring them, and working with them to improve their English skills.

Be sure to check out her portfolio for an in-depth look at a few projects she’s welcomed over the years.

Connect with Sherry Lawler Today to Get Your Writing Projects Off the Ground Running

To discuss your next writing project or an editing project, please contact Sherry Lawler at info@alphaproofing.ca or 780.893.4080. In the meantime, read some of the delightful words her clients have shared.

Feel free to also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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