Homophone, Stick a Steak Threw My Hart

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Homophones, Stick a Steak Threw My Hart - AlphaProofing a creative content agency

What if I were to write an entire article using the wrong homophone each and every time? This was my thought as Eye read over a  website … four the third thyme … after hearing them say their going fore style and don’t care about that grammar stuff. Pleas, stick a steak threw my hart. […]


Irish Gaelic & Ed Sheeran: Musical Bliss!

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Ed Sheeran, Atlantic Records

My Linguistic Fascination with Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran has been leaving his mark on the music world since 2005, gaining popularity in 2012 while touring with Taylor Swift’s The Red Tour. With over 20 hit singles, the one that has caught my attention the most – believe me, I could listen to many of his songs on […]


Ampersand: The Little Symbol that Could

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Having lasted through the Ages, the ampersand, with its storied past, is making a comeback in modern times. We use it in our logos; it can be found all around us. Ever wondered where it came from? Etymology: The Long History of the Ampersand The shape itself predates the word – ampersand – by more than […]


Cut Out 5 Words Now For Strong Successful Writing

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5 Ways to Stronger Writing _ Writing_Editing _ AlphaProofing Creative Content Agency _ Edmonton

As an editor, I’m regularly asked how to strengthen someone’s writing. The honest answer will always depend on your personal writing style, first and foremost; however, there are a few simple tactics you can start implementing right away to produce strong successful writing. As this is a complex answer to a complex question, so we’ll tackle the […]