From Idea to Publication

You’ve started a company blog. You’ve created a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. And, Instagram. Oh, Pinterest too.

But, now, you’re not sure why. Questioning yourself. Asking what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Breathe. You’re not alone. 

Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out which topics your blog will be tackling, what to post on social media. Instead, team up with us!

We free up your team’s time & energy for the tasks you’re more passionate about. To make your day even easier, our creative minds will get your business seen by your preferred, ideal audience, and, of course, we keep track of all the nitty-gritty details.

Sit back. Relax. Put your feet up. We got this.

Our services

Content Strategy

The nuts & bolts to clearly communicating your business’ story. From defining your ideal client to why you’re in business to sharing your story, you’ll attract new customers – without fretting.

Content Creation

Content isn’t just an art; it’s a science. And, it all starts with knowing your audience. Speaking to them in their style, in their tone, and in their voice, inspires them to join your community. In turn, you increase your return on investment (ROI).

Social Promotion

Content that appeals to your audience is just the beginning. Knowing where to find your audience, how to showcase your content for them, and get search engines (SEO) to help you reach your goals … Well, that’s definitely a science.

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Need an extra hand?


Success is your game; words is ours. Don’t waste your time or energy writing content. From marketing brochures to annual reports, we’ll make them look and sound great. You’ll be leading your competition. Make our pens do all the scribbling.


We’re trained for the little things. Finding the right words to tell your company’s story is no easy feat. Consistency … well, that just complicates everything. The goal is to deliver your message promptly, professionally, & precisely. That’s where we come in.


Our goal is to help everyone become better storytellers, better writers, better communicators. From workshops to one-on-one mentoring, we’ll guide you & your team. How, when, & where you need us. We’re your secret weapon.

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what our clients say

I have had the pleasure of Ms. Sherry Lawler working alongside me on several articles, letters, and papers I have had to write. With an excellent command of the English language and an extensive vocabulary, Sherry is a highly proficient editor. These attributes, combined with her strong understanding of correct grammar usage, make her a fine editor.

Further, she is able to adapt her own writing style to blend seamlessly with the work she is editing. She smoothly edits and corrects another’s work without losing the tone of the author.”

Woman - AlphaProofing creative content agency
Jamie Huys Accountant

Sherry has done an excellent job helping us create a magazine-style newsletter – we sent her the information, she created a beautiful, professional magazine that we can distribute and be very proud of.  Sherry went above and beyond our expectations. 

A terrific job!!”

Male Avatar - AlphaProofing a creative content agency
Ken & Joan MacLeod Owners, Get Real Lifestyles

“I’m so glad I use AlphaProofing to edit my blog posts and website copy. I now have the security of knowing I can just write things as I am thinking them.

Sherry will come in, edit, and reorganise my thoughts to be more effective and to better communicate my ideas, as well as who I am.

My clients are seeing more professional text and are understanding my messages better thanks to AlphaProofing.”

Melissa Mainville Flourish Design & Merchandising - Testimonial - AlphaProofing a creative content agency
Melissa Walker Owner, Flourish Design & Merchandising

“Sherry is a fantastic editor, she runs a sole-proprietorship company, you send her the drafts of your work, and she will make all the corrections required to maintain your professional appearance.

The best part is, she never makes you feel criticized for your work, she simply corrects your work with a smile. She is dedicated and highly intelligent (I know this because she uses words I’ve never heard of).

I highly recommend hiring her and sending her ALL your work before you post any writing, anywhere.”

Kevin Metz, Entrepreneur - Testimonial - AlphaProofing a creative content agency
Kevin Metz Entrepreneur

“Sherry did a superb editing job. She worked on two shortish academic papers of mine in the area of international law.”

Project: International Law Thesis, Academic Short Papers
Year First Hired: 
Top qualities:
 Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Steffen Hindelang, Associate Professor - Testimonial - AlphaProofing a creative content agency
Steffen Hindelang Assistant Professor, Freie Universität Berlin

“Sherry was able to analyse and distill data which then informed the writing of our report. She brought creativity to a technical task.”


Project: Annual Report for Government Department
Year First Hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Woman - AlphaProofing creative content agency
Carol S. Department Manager, Government of Alberta

“Sherry has partnered with me on numerous writing and editing projects and is a delight to work alongside.

She has a strong attention to detail and takes immense pride in each project, big or small. Sherry works extremely hard and delivers results on time and on budget. She does what it takes to complete her work while being a joy to have as a colleague.

It is always a pleasure to deal with Sherry as I know how committed she is to her craft. She is willing to accept ideas and readily provides her own concepts.I would partner with Sherry at any time. Her strong work ethic, extreme flexibility, remarkable team work, outstanding customer service, and great attitude are all attributes I seek in partners and employees. She would certainly have a place on my all-star team of people with whom I would choose to work with on an ongoing basis.

I wish Sherry continued success with AlphaProofing and look forward to our next collaboration.”

David Olinger, Owner, The Write Stuff - AlphaProofing Testimonial
David Olinger Owner, The Write Stuff!

Our Passion

Your AlphaProofing team, as a creative content agency, harvests your story to connect you with your ideal audience.

Consider us your secret weapon to create content for your brand, build your audience, and grow your business.

Smart Strategies. Great Content. Engaged Communities.

Ready to explore the possibilities?

Give us a shout to learn how our partnership can help your business grow.

Create. Engage. Inspire. Grow.

When businesses get human — when they treat people like people — they earn our respect, our desire, and our dollars.

Kindness, humour, intelligence make a brand so appealing. It’s about building the relationship with your audience.

Your online presence often acts as a first impression.

Make it count.

Happy Clients

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