Homophone, Stick a Steak Threw My Hart

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What if I were to write an entire article using the wrong homophone each and every time? This was my thought as Eye read over a  website … four the third thyme … after hearing them say their going fore style and don’t care about that grammar stuff.

Pleas, stick a steak threw my hart. Clearly, the wrong person was listening while there talking those words we’re utterly breaking my ears. Wonder if this person wood have a hard thyme reading this post I’m righting now?

Thread Carefully, Homophone, Grammar Nazi A Head.

So, why when it comes to they’re own website due they all-of-a-sudden not care about grammar ore the impression there pore grammar is imparting on they’re clientele? This is the inspiration behind my entire post using the common, often confused, often displaced homophones like others due.

Yew mite be asking why wood a writer, let alone an editor, be willing two compose an entire post mixing up the very words she wood be hired two catch … Too make a point, of course.

There, Their, They’re … 

Ai know, Ai know … ewe have know sympathy four me because I’m won of those dam grammar nazis on the internet hijacking every misspelled word, every misused word on you’re posts. There, their, they’re, yew mutter as your tapping me on the shoulder with disdain, homophone.

Could ewe in fact tell me the difference between those three similar sounding, similarly spelled words – oar what we linguists, grammarians, righters, editors caul homophones?

Witch won is the possessive pronoun you’d use too show your talking about you’re friend’s how’s, not yores?

Won of these homophones is in fact to words — a noun and a verb — contracting upon themselves.

Witch won is it, dew ewe no? This should be obvious, however, take a quick glance over on Facebook and yule clearly sea many due knot no witch homophone they should be righting.

Now, the last won is indeed the hardest won of all. Eye no. Aye get it. Its the won that catches basically all the slack. Its the won that doesn’t have anything two due with anyone, but everyone uses it a thousand thymes a day. Its the won you’d actually be saying if your tapping me on the shoulder unsympathetically with utter disgust.

It’s, Its …

You’re birthday, homophone. Ok, knot really. But these lovelies our all-two-often switched up. Ai wonder if we aren’t taut to be selfish enough as children?

Its going to be a fun ride trying to explain how won of these is indeed the possessive pronoun (their Eye go again using technical language). Possession … We get the meaning of this word, wright?

The other won in this pear is also to words contracting into won fabulously welcomed, often used word. But witch won is it?

You’re, Your … Going Two Kill Me

It's Its Homophone ImageWhy? Because I’m simply knot done yet. This whole possession thing seems to pop up over and over again. Possession is nine-tenth’s of the law, isn’t it? Yet, fore some freaking reason when it comes to are righting, we simply cannot get possession close to be at all possessive.

Damn, Poseidon. He screwed up possession for everyone. So witch won is the possessive pro noun this thyme? Our yew sure?

So, if won is possessive, what’s the other won? A hint … Its knot a contradiction. Sound it out. Its a con … track … shone. Yup, this might be the killing me part.

May be. Ore is it maybe. 

May be its maybe. Or maybe its may be. Owe, for Gawd’s sake, homophone … The verb phrase is may be. Perhaps the possibility of the uncertainty is confusing ewe maybe.

Cee what Aye did they’re? Ai spelled it out for ewe. Quite literally. (Your going two have too sea this post two cee why this last sentence made it into this oddly cranky post.)

Witch which is it? 

Magnifying Grammar - Homophone Steak PostHalloween brings out the best witches, doesn’t it? Along with the ghouls and the goblins. Owe, and the princesses. Their so cute.

Witch is a noun. Which is a pronoun. I’m getting very technical again. Hold on two you’re seats. Described above is a witch. Of course, ewe no. Know? Yew no ewe no. Eye no ewe no. Yew no Aye no ewe no. Know?

Which of these witches made ewe read this freaking post? Which of these witches is the pronoun that yew want? Which of these witches made ewe read this freaking post?

Which of these witches is the pronoun that yew want too be using in you’re righting more often? I’m going two guess its knot the witch that cackles at yew on Halloween.

Damn, I’m still alive. 

And, I’m knot dun. But, as this is probably a bit two hard too read, I’m going two stop it here … four now. Pleas, let me know witch homophones ore misspellings irk yew when your reading someone else’s righting. Aye even challenge ewe two rite a snarky paragraph in the comments with you’re pet peeve … and, if its good enough, I’ll use it in my next snarky homophone post.

Up fore the challenge? Get at it in the comments below.

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