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As I love my clients (you are all so good to me!), and the Walk to Fight Arthritis is a cause close to my joints, I’ve decided to turn my passion into a lovely little giveaway for my friends and my clients.

Head On Over to Instagram for Details

The entire post can be found on Instagram, which is where you’ll need to go over to in order to take advantage of this giveaway.

The gist of it is: donate a minimum of $25 to my team’s fundraising campaign for the Walk to Fight Arthritis, and I’ll happily review up to 250 words.

Walk to Fight Arthritis - Loose Change250 Word Review Included in Fundraising Giveaway

All you need to do for the Giveaway is donate $25, which is a steal-of-a-deal, and comment on the original Instagram post. That’s it.

Why do you need to comment on the photo? In order to qualify for the review, I need to know who was so kind to donate to this important cause. Of course, it’s best to include your email address in the Instagram comments in order for me to easily connect, but I can always private message your Instagram account if need be.

Need more words in the review? No problem, that’s where the Instagram photo comes into play. Make the donation, head back over to the #WalkToFightArthritis Fundraiser photo to comment and follow the list for the option of including more words in your review.

Be forewarned, this social media giveaway is only valid until June 1st. The #WalkToFightArthritis is happening June 5th in cities across Canada.

Walk to Fight Arthritis

Walk to Fight Arthritis LogoThe #WalkToFightArthritis is happening June 5th in cities across Canada, raising funds for the 4.6+ million Canadians who are living with arthritis. Want to know more about the Walk to Fight Arthritis? Check out the Arthritis Society’s website.

My team — Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes — is always welcoming teammates to help us raise our fundraising goals. Would be delighted to see you on the team!

Thank you for being such amazing, awesome people!


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